How can Counselling help me?

Reaching out for help with our struggles is a huge step and we recognize this and appreciate that you are considering do so.  When you come to Psychology Calgary you will be greeted with a warm, receptive, non-judgemental smile. Research shows that psychotherapy helps, and by taking the first step you will likely experience a greater sense of well-being.  Even after just a few sessions, our clients report a greater “sense of hope” and outlook for the future.  Counselling can help countless individuals and we sincerely hope you will find the courage to give it a try.

What is your approach to counselling?

We utilize evidence-based counselling approaches to help serve you and meet your goals.  With our background in Health Psychology, we will begin by understanding your current levels of functioning, from a physical, emotional, and nutritional perspective.  We believe that all areas are important to begin to help you heal.  For example, if we do not have the proper “raw materials” (i.e., nutrition, sleep, movement) to support our bodies, we will have difficulties supporting our mind and emotional well-being.

Our counselling approach is based on cognitive-behavioural (CBT) principles which is an empirically supported psychological treatment which helps people understand the relationship between their thoughts, behaviour, physiology, and emotions.  We can help to teach you tools so that you can take better control of your life.

In addition to CBT, we understand the need to focus on solutions to our problems, while acknowledging their roots.  Although we certainly listen and seek to understand the etiology of our presenting problems, we utilize a solution-focused approach (SFT) which is a future-focused, goal-directed type of therapy.  By focusing on where we’d like to go, rather than where we have been, we are able to discard habits that may not have been helping us, and create new strategies to get us there.

And finally, without an awareness, and ability to be in the present moment, it is very difficult to truly utilize these tools. This is where a mindfulness-based approach to psychotherapy comes in.  Mindfulness is cultivating the ability to pay attention in a particular, non-judgemental way.  By increasing mindfulness with the present moment, we are able to better call on the tools that we have developed through CBT and SFT.  By being mindful of our triggers and gaining greater control over our reaction to them, we enhance our ability to cope with uncomfortable emotions, challenging situations, and to enjoy life to a greater degree.

The holistic approach that we take to counselling is individually tailored to suit you and your needs.  We believe the client’s feedback is paramount in finding the way to cope with your own, unique circumstances.  Our approaches are based on evidence, and experience.
We look forward to meeting you, learning from you, and going on a journey toward internal and external healing together.