Solution-focused Therapy is a wonderful adjunct to all of our approaches.  This approach is based on the respectful assumption that clients have the inner resources to construct uniquely effective solutions to their problems.

For example…Look around and notice at least 5 objects that are beige.  Before you tell me what they are, quickly name the blue objects that you see.  You may be able to only name a few, but in all likelihood you will need to take another look in order to find a blue object.  This exercise makes clear how some clients view their situation when they come to their first session.  They only see beige, but know they don’t want beige.  By asking clients to give a description of what they do want, we are able to direct our attention to the possibility of blue as an alternative to beige.

Solution-focused Therapy is a “solution” rather than “problem” focused approach to therapy.  It gently guides the client to explore times when the problem was less, or to describe what their life may be like without the problem.  This provides us with a “glimpse” into what they want, and by defining what we want, we have a greater shot at getting there.

Combined with our other approaches, CBT and Mindfulness, Solution-focused Therapy is a wonderful tool for us to use in the therapy room.

Underlying all of our approaches is the importance of the therapeutic relationship between the client and Psychologist.  We promise that you will be listened to, respected, not-judged, and instilled with a sense of hope after our sessions together.