What is stress?

Stress occurs when we feel like we cannot handle that which we are expected to.  Whether it be our perception of what we should be able to handle, or the very real demands that are placed on us in our busy personal and professional lives.

If you feel like the stress in your life is out of control, it is time to MAKE A CHANGE.

How can you help?

At Psychology Calgary, our comprehensive stress management approach will teach you healthy coping strategies and ways to perhaps prevent stress from spiraling out of control.

Although we acknowledge that many stressors in our life are beyond our control (i.e., we can’t quit our job or “take a break from the kids,” etc.), we have seen the profound effects of shifting our perception, utilizing relaxation (mindfulness) strategies, understanding the importance of self-care (e.g., exercise, nutrition, sleep) and feeling like you have a safe place to get support in managing the stress in your life.

You do not have to let stress paralyze you with fear, or take the pleasure out of your life.  Take the first step and begin to understand the role stress is playing in your life and how to get back in control.  Contact us today.