What is Depression?

Those of us who suffer from depression often feel sad, unmotivated, and hopeless for weeks, or even months on end.  The accompanying lack of energy and taking little to no joy in normally pleasurable activities makes us feel further removed from society and hopeless about our condition.

How can you help with my depression?

Depression is a condition that affects many individuals and at Psychology Calgary we are here to help.  We begin by acknowledging and showing an appreciation for those of you who are able to reach out for help.  This step often feels insurmountable, but when you do, please know that we realize how difficult this can be and that we are glad you did.  We will begin by explaining the warning signs and symptoms of depression to ensure that we are understanding your individual circumstances correctly.

We take a holistic approach in looking at your nutrition, sleep, behaviour habit patterns, emotions, and thought processes so that we can understand how to help you best.  As we know, depression affects different groups of people differently. From children, to adolescents and adults, it can manifest in unique ways.

We strive to individualize your treatment approach, drawing from cognitive behavioural strategies, mindfulness strategies, as well as neurofeedback and will do all that we can to ensure you find hope and support when working with us.