How can you help enhance my sports performance?

As a former college athlete at an NCAA Division III school, filling the #1 singles player on the tennis team during her senior year, Kimberly understands what it takes to succeed in the sports arena.  She understands the commitment, dedication, and passion it takes to be a successful athlete.  Not only does she understand the sports side of it, but also the academics.  She was consistently on the Dean’s list and has experience in balancing a rigorous academic load, as well as a high-demand practice schedule in sport.

What is your approach?

At Psychology Calgary, we believe it takes a variety of mental skills in order to excel in the sports arena.  Some of these areas include:

1. Maintaining a high level of self-motivation.

2. Learning to listen to your body.  When to push, and when to relax.

3. Developing the ability to stay in the present moment.  The ability to not be distracted by extraneous variables; maintain concentration.

4. Use positive self-talk.

5. Use positive mental imagery.  We call this technique “visualization,” and it is profoundly powerful!

6. Manage anxiety effectively.

7. Manage your emotions effectively.

If you think you would like to meet with us to discuss how we may help you improve your sports performance, please contact us.  We’d love to hear from you!