What is disordered eating?

Disordered eating refers to a wide range of abnormal eating behaviours.  It can present in many ways, such as binge eating with or without compensatory behaviours, emotional eating, feelings of excessive guilt around food, feeling addicted to food, and/or using food to comfort us or to keep us from having to confront our real problems.

Basically what we are trying to say is…we get itOur relationship with food is complicated.  We understand that you would like to solve your relationship with food once and for all.

How can you help?

At Psychology Calgary, we take a complete approach in understanding your relationship to food.  We will listen to your history, gaining insight into where the negative messaging or negative self-talk you may have came from, as well as  understanding any other medical or mental health conditions that may be complicating your relationship with food.

Next, we will ask about your current eating patterns.  Regular eater?  Starve all day and binge at night?  Eating protein and fats?  Is sugar like a drug to you?  Do you feel like you have gone on every single diet out there, only to end up gaining more weight in the end?

And finally, we will begin to gently inquire and understand your feelings about your own body.  Unfortunately, within our society, and within our own minds, many of us are in a very non-accepting place of our weight and shape.  Through this process, we will sensitively help you understand and perhaps question some of your assumptions around what an ideal shape means.

Begin to feel better…

We will work toward a place of self-acceptance, and an understanding that our self-worth is not contingent on our weight or shape.  By cultivating TRUE non-judgemental self-acceptance and a loving kindness toward ourselves, we can begin to change.

Guess what…we get this.  We have a unique approach that will get to the root of the problem.  Not a “quick fix” diet but a true lifestyle approach so that food no longer has to be feared, but yet enjoyed and viewed as fuel for your brain and body.

Please reach out to us today so that we can begin this journey with you.