Initial Session

At your initial session, you will fill out a consent form informing us that you understand the commitment and what neurofeedback involves.  Next, you fill out a survey listing the complaints and/or challenges that have brought you (or your child) into the office. We will continue to reference these, every 10 sessions or so, so that we are able to measure change. Finally, you are ready to be hooked up.

The Actual Session

You will sit back in a relaxing chair.  We will hook sensors up to two spots on your head, both upper ears, and one earlobe.  You will also be given a set of audio earphones to listen to the audio (*Note: feel free to bring your own earbuds if you prefer). Once you are hooked up and comfortable, the session begins.

NeurOptimal® monitors electrical activity at the level of the scalp and gives subtle cues to the brain when it detects turbulence or a “wobbly” brain.  Each NeurOptimal® Session is like a 33-minute slow-dance with your brain. Listen to the music, sync your steps and move in graceful harmony. With each progressive Session, you learn a little bit more about your brain, and your brain learns a little bit more about you.

  • NeurOptimal®’s Dynamical Neurofeedback® measures brain behavior from .01 hertz to 64 hertz, collecting and analyzing data 256X per second. Exclusive to NeurOptimal®, Dynamical Neurofeedback.


How will I feel?

The process is very relaxing.  It feels like you have been listening to “spa music” and had a chance to take a “time out” from your day.