How does the Neurofeedback Rental program work?

The neurofeedback rental program is a great at home option for individuals who want the amazing benefits of brain training in the comfort of their own home.  The NeurOptimal brain training software that is on the at home units is the exact same training that you would receive in the clinic.  Some reasons that people choose this option include:

– They live a greater distance from the clinic

– They would like to train with great frequency (daily or every other day) in preparation for an exam, sporting event, etc.

– They are an entire family who wants to train

– They have busy schedules or school aged children and it is difficult to make it in during clinic hours

How much does it cost?

The rental program is very reasonable, and there are two Plan options to choose from:

  1. Unlimited Family: $2,000 for an unlimited number of sessions during a one month period.
  2. Family Package: $1,750 for up to 45 sessions during a one month period – rate of $38.89/session.
  3. Personal Intensive Package Plus: $1,350 for up to 35 sessions during a one month period – rate of $38.57/session.
  4. Personal Intensive Package: $1,000 for up to 25 sessions during a one month period – rate of $40/session.
  5. Introductory Package: $750 for up to 15 sessions during a one month period – rate of $50/session.
  6. Booster Package (For Repeat Clients Only): $350 for up to 7 sessions during a one week period – rate of $50/session.

Can I Purchase A System?

Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback Personal Systems are available for purchase starting at $6,995 USD.