How much does it cost?

The initial neurofeedback session costs $200.  Follow-up neurofeedback sessions cost $120/each, or, if you buy a bundle of 15 sessions, the cost is $1,500 ($100/session).

Between sessions 1-5 you have the option to decide to buy a bundle of 15 and pay the amount owing for the bundle.  (For example, if you bought the first 3 trainiing sessions at $120 each and then decided to buy the bundle, the extra $60 paid for individual sessions would be put toward the bundle pricing, so that overall, you pay $1,500 for 15 sessions).

Many extended health insurance plans cover the cost of at least a portion of psychological services provided by a Registered Psychologist.  Please contact your extended health care insurance provider to find out what services are covered.

Receipts for fees paid for Psychological services will be issued at the end of your session and these can be submitted for full or partial coverage.