How can neurofeedback help with weight loss?

Excellent question…at Psychology Calgary, we know that weight loss, or addressing our emotional eating patterns is NOT an easy undertaking.  It is incredibly complex and unique to each individual.  In addition to our counselling practice, we believe that neurofeedback can be an EXCELLENT adjunct to your weight loss/management journey.

Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are common mood disorders associated with weight related problems.  According to the National Institute of Health, brain imaging studies from magnetic resonance images (MRIs) show different patterns of brain activity in areas of the brain that control thinking, sleep, appetite, emotions, and behaviours in people who are depressed or anxious.

In addition, our reasons for achieving the weight we’d like to achieve can vary based on our own, unique situation.  Struggling with our weight reflects a system that is not regulating itself successfully.


Neurofeedback can help bring your body and emotions to a balanced state.  It resets basic body functions such as sleep cycles and appetite control, it trains your brain to KNOW when you are hungry and when you are full.

It is a training in self-regulation.  Good self-regulation is necessary for optimal brain function.  Self-regulation training enhances the function of the central nervous system and thereby improves our ability to have emotional control and physiological stability.

Neurofeedback training works with your subconscious.  It provides moment-to-moment feedback to your brain to show it how it is functioning and where to make changes.  Neurofeedback helps to stabilize your emotions,  It works on emotional patterns that lead to overeating.  With neurofeedback training, you will be more aware of your habits, it will be easier to stop and return to a healthier pattern.

Neurofeedback training can help stabilize your emotional reactivity and increase self awareness.  These changes, at the level of the brain will allow you to make better decisions, become more aware of hunger, emotions, and choices, which can help not only on your weight management journey, but in all areas of your life.