How can neurofeedback help with such a wide variety of conditions?

Excellent, and very insightful question!  First of all, we would like to emphasize that we do not claim to “treat” any conditions, rather we train the brain to better handle the symptoms related to a variety of conditions, or to simply improve the brains functioning.

At the core of all of the conditions that neurofeedback can address is a dysregulated brain.  Whether it be ADHD, Autism, or stress, at some level, our brain is not optimally functioning.  So…no matter what you come to the table with, by training the brain to become better regulated, and thus optimally functioning, we are able to improve symptoms that are at their core, as a result of dysregulated brain.

To put it in a visual way:  Imagine a “messy” kitchen table.  The mess could be a result of breadcrumbs, dirty hands, paint, or flower petals, each very unique and different in their own way.  The way we “clean” the table up, however, is the same for all.  We return it to its most stable and optimal state by wiping it clean with a hand towel.

Brain training is similar in that no matter what you may be “coming to the table with,” we are going to work with your own, unique brainwaves to train them to get back to their optimal state of functioning.

Again, think of neurofeedback like a mirror.  When we look in the mirror, we automatically self-correct to look “optimal.”  The same mirror can be used by many different people and they will each utilize this feedback in their own, unique way in order to return the brain to an optimal state.